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What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing is a process of re-aligning your body for greater ease of motion and improved balance. Slowly releasing restrictions and “stuck places” in your myofascial structure allows you to stand, walk, work, and exercise more freely. Dr. Ida P. Rolf determined a logical sequence of soft-tissue manipulation, which gradually straightens and balances the human structure in gravity. Her work is carried on by The Rolf Institute and other schools of Structural Integration, as well as the umbrella organization The International Association of Structural Integrators. Current research on the roles and properties of connective tissue is presented at conferences of the International Fascial Congress and elsewhere, and is supported in part by the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation. For more information about Rolfing and Dr. Rolf, visit The Rolf Institute at www.rolf.org.

A Typical Session

During a Rolfing session, your Rolfer will ask you to stand, walk, and breathe in order to formulate a plan at the beginning, and to evaluate the results throughout your session. Your Rolfer uses fingers, hands, sometimes knuckles or elbows to loosen up the restrictive soft tissue that is pulling you out of alignment. Rolfing technique is generally slow and steady, to match the natural slow pace at which connective tissues soften and re-arrange themselves under a careful, directed pressure. The Rolfing table is comfortable, with pillows & a blanket so you are able to relax.